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What Will I Become..?

The Gift… A Little Box of Treasure  holding a single Pearl, Stone or Swarovski crystal to spark the imagination! Backed up by a gift voucher starting at £20 going up to whatever amount is desired! Browse through my collection to see how your little keepsake can turn into a timeless piece of jewellery, something special to wear!

What Will I Become….? An elegant single stoned ring? One half of a pair of studs? One of many to be reunited with its friends and become a necklace, bracelet or drop earrings? The choice is yours!

What is so special about this idea is that the gift is completely unique to each person; the giver starts the process and the receiver then has a piece made especially for them incorporating that little piece of treasure! It is special because it was chosen to be the star!

When a design is created with many other stones, pearls or/and crystals I can place it strategically within the necklace/bracelet/ring etc, to mark the occasion; for example, if it is for a 50th birthday it can be the 50th stone/pearl/crystal along from the clasp so the owner knows exactly where it lies within the piece and it holds that extra special significance! It could also be a wedding anniversary date or date of engagement or placed where ever would hold meaning, the choice is yours!

Contact me for more ideas! and to purchase the Little Box of Treasure over the phone if you haven’t bought from my gallery or stall in St.Ives